A Little About the Jackass Critics...

Jackass Critics was formed in 2002 by a pair of bored college grads who had internet know-how, opinions on movies, and zero tastes in aesthetics or web design. We started with a mission to purely write about the movies we loved, movies we hated, and hold nothing back. It was our mission then and it's our mission today. Along the way we have picked up a few other reviewing personalities (some have hung on longer than others).

Jackass Critics is open for business, and always interested in reviewing interesting little (or big) films you have on hand. Please contact either of us directly and let us know if you have a film you'd like for us to take a look at.

The personalities in order of delightful body odor:

Matt Fuerst is the master behind the curtain. He is the CEO, CFO, and CTO all rolled into one. Matt is responsible for the site coding and design, plus an occasional review. If you have a complaint about the site take it up with the boss but don't expect much sympathy. If you would like to bestow heaps of praise upon the man responsible for this little Internet treasure trove known shortly as JAC, then go ahead and be the first to "Like" Matt on Facebook. When he isn't munching popcorn, he is cracking noses and kicking knees in Muay Thai tournaments around the Midwest.
Turn-ons: Kubrick, Tony Ja, Tarantino, 70s Italian Giallo, Slashers
Turn-offs: Olson Twins, Matthew Perry, Mumford, Gingers

E-mail: fuerstma@jackasscritics.com
Twitter: JackassMatt

Jackass Tom is a long time friend of Matt and helped hatch the idea that was born and named JackassCritics.com. They share a cubicle wall in the Jackass Critics headquarters as well as a love for Fresca and Chewy Spree. On more than one occasion, Tom has proven that gullible is indeed in the dictionary. An accomplished free-style rap artist, Tom is still looking to give Dude Where's My Car? a second chance but hasn't found time in his busy schedule.
Turn-ons: Film Noir, Hitchcock, Bromances, Woody Allen, Italian Neo-Realism
Turn-offs: Nancy Meyers, Slashers, Streisand, Star Trek

E-mail: tom@jackasscritics.com