Dude Where's My Car? review by Jackass Tom

When a film viewer approaches Dude Where's My Car?, they must understand that they are about to witness a very dumb movie. I thought I understood this. Its like the difference between enjoying the Godfather and enjoying the Naked Gun. I have seen a number of dumb movies with fond enjoyment. Airplane, Dumb and Dumber, Drowning Mona... all these movies have big laughs. The characters in these films were at the low end of the intelligence scale and that worked in their favor because the jokes played well off of that. The problem with Dude Where's My Car? is that I think its writers were part of that low end. And the director. And the produer. And most people involved. It looks like B-movie, and acts like a B-movie and smells even worse.

The two main characters are of course looking for their car. Thats obvious. They are played by that guy from That 70s Show and Stiffler from American Pie. Since Stiffler acts like an airhed instead of the asshole we are all supposed to love him but I am doubly disappointed. I know its not fair to hold him to another movie role, but in the situation of the kinda movie I am dealing with here, I think its justified.

Back to the "plot", they learn what they did the night before but none of it is that interesting. Something with a Rubix Cube being some sort of alien device, a bunch of hot chicks who are actually aliens, and nothing that really makes sense or laughs. They date two twins who are obviously not smart enough themselves to figure out the two share a brain. There are a few things that might be funny to throw back and forth with your friends who have also seen the movie ("...and then?"), but 15 seconds of post-movie humor doesn't make up for the 87 teeth pulling minutes. Even if you like dumb movies, avoid this drab. I wish I had more to say... this is a short review... but that movie just rips the life out of me.

REVIEWER'S NOTE: Just for the record, I got this DVD out of the library and didnt pay a cent. I still want my money back.

1 out of 10 Jackasses
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