Episode 8
Feature Film: The White Ribbon (M. Haneke)
Hosts: Tom Blain (tomblain@jackasscritics.com or JackassTom) and Matt Fuerst (fuerstma@jackasscritics.com or JackassMatt)
During our first section, we do our usual Bullets in the Chamber segment, talking movies and news. Our focus film, The White Ribbon, from director Michael Haneke, is dissected in depth in our second half.
During this weeks Bullets in the Chamber, we talk:
  • David Denby vs Scott Rudin (The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo) and the great early review controversy. The first domino in the demise of traditional media reviews? @JackassMatt thinks so.
  • Kevin Smith's latest, Red State. Is Kevin Smith leading the charge in filmmakers changing the production of film?
  • @JackassTom tells us about Portlandia, from the Independent Film Channel.
  • In our unofficial new media section, we talk about a potential take over of Netflix from an unlikely suitor, Verizon Wireless.
  • Last, a triumphant return of our game bullet, with @JackassTom springing Red Light, Green Light on @JackassMatt.
Our focus this podcast is the latest film from Austrian/German auteur, Michael Haneke, The White Ribbon.
Haneke is a bit of a recent fav of @JackassMatt, will @JackassTom want to see more of Mr. Haneke, after taking in the pre-WWI B&W drama?
Segment A Length: 48:20
Download Segment A: MP3 (22 Megs)
Segment B Length: Dropping Soon!

Show Links:
  • 'Dragon Tattoo' Producer Scott Rudin Replies to David Denby's Upcomign New Yorker Review Embargo Break - IndieWire.com
  • Red State - Wikipedia
  • Red State - Amazon.com
  • Kevin Smith Talks 'Red State', Bruce Willis and Why He Doesn't Want to Do This Interview - MovieFone
  • Portlandia -
  • Portlandia - Amazon.com
  • Verizon Rumor Mill Keeps Spinning: Will it Buy Troubled Netflix? - Reuters
  • Jack Nicholson as Hitchcock? @JackassTom makes @JackassMatt a believer! - Blogspot.com (Image)
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