Meet the Robinson's review by The Grim Ringler

Meet the Robinsons

This is going to be a pretty strange review in that, by the numbers it isnt a really great movie at all. Its just above average actually, but when you turn to the fun factor, well, that it has in spades. Lets examine this.

An eccentric young boy who has lived his whole life in an orphanage dreams of reuniting with his mother and being part of a family something hes never known. Each family that comes in to the orphanage though seems to see not the boys intelligence and passion but his quirks. He is just too odd for them, in the end. The boy, fed up with hoping for finding a family to love and adopt him, decides that hell instead focus his attention on finding his mother and persuading her to take him back after leaving him on the orphanages doorstep. Thus, the boy begins work on a device that will spur the memory and allow the person wearing the invention to re-live moments in their life. Feeling hes finally gotten his memory device right, the boy enters it into the schools science fair but there are other eyes on his device that he wouldnt imagine. The boy, or rather his device, is the target of a strange man in a bowler hat wants to steal the invention and does exactly that with a little cunning and trickery. Just as a villain was watching though, so too was another boy, this one chasing the man in the hat, and this one knowing far more then he lets on. It turns out the man in the hat and the boy chasing him both come from the future, and both are desperate to change the future for the young inventor, someone who, it would seem, has an important role to play in what shall comeif that is, his future doesnt change first. While trying to figure out what exactly is going on, and why hes such an important person, the boy meets a family, the Robinsons, who are everything he could ask for, and feel that maybe here, in the future, he has found what hes been looking for all along a family of his own.

A beautifully animated film, this is one of Disneys new 3-D films that use new technology and really bring you into the film. The 3-D is really stunning and, while its not revolutionary in what it does in the film its the same whoa, its in my face gags it is very striking in what it brings out in the animation. The characters are not terribly interesting until you get into the future, and there the film shines. It seems that each member of the Robinsons, and indeed, in the entire future, are quirky and bring more life and fun to than the film had before. Its here that the filmmakers really play with the story, and with how things come together. The villain, who you thought was so diabolical character, turns out to be quite the bumbler when you learn that its his hat that really wears the pants in the scheme. As much fun as the film becomes though, there are just too many problems with the story and plot. The story is nothing new, the revelations are things you can guess at pretty easily, and the end, as satisfying as it is, still had a barb that bothered me. All in all, its a great tech film, and one with some fantastic moments but isnt a film that really holds together.

Despite its flaws, I truly do like this film. The digital animation is gorgeous and when things get into the future, the film really picks up and becomes just weird enough to hold your attention. Families will like it, kids will love it, but animation fans have seen this movie before, under a dozen names, and this one doesnt do much to remove itself from the pack. Worth a rent, but thats about it.

6 out of 10 Jackasses
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