To Kako (Evil) review by The Grim Ringler


Of all the places one would expect to see a zombie, I cant say that Greece would be high on the list. Sure, sure, you might catch Minotaur chilling on a beach there, or maybe a random Cyclops tending their cattle, but zombies? No way. Ah, but friend, how wrong you would be. It seems that Greece is a hotbed for living dead activity and in Evil (translated from the Greek, I promise) these not the friendly zombies you might find at your local shopping mall. No sir, quick, hungry, and relentless, these are the sort of gut-munchers youre better off avoiding if youre so lucky. Alas, some are not so lucky.

After several men are mysteriously assailed while work in an underground cave, each man begins to feel more than a little funny and within hours becomes a member of the living dead. It doesn't take long for this plague to infect most of the city and things become every person for themselves. A small band of survivors take the fight to the zombies and works together in order to survive. As the zombie plague spreads, the band's numbers decline, making the odds of everyone surviving even another day, less and less likely.

A very fun zombie yarn, this movie has a similar feel to lighter undead films like Return of the Living Dead and Dead Alive. This film certainly doesn't ape those earlier entries in the zombie sweeps, but it has a like-minded dark humor to it that keeps the tone light. At one point a character gets his dream of bedding one of the other survivors and while taking delight in her feet, a zombie comes up on the couple and decides to enjoy her toes as well, though his pleasure ends with her pain. There isn't a lot of logic here but there is a lot of entertainment and fans of the genre will definitely get a laugh out of it. The gore quotient is pretty high, though it, like the story, takes some time to get ramped up, and fans will get a lot of fun out of some of the nastiness.

The disc looks good and the subtitles are very easy to read. There isn't a lot to the disc but with a trailer and some fantastic cover art, this would be a fine addition to a fan's library.

While not breaking new ground, this is definitely a worthy entry into the zombie film library and will please fans looking for something a bit different. The direction is energetic, the effects well done, and the cast seems to be having a pretty good time. I can't say that when I think of horror films I think of the Greek, but consider Evil the first salvo in what I hope will be more entries in the genre.


6 out of 10 Jackasses

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