Memento review by Da Bonghit


Having only seen this movie one time, I may be missing some things. As this movie isn't the usual "run-of-the-mill" film. By the way, this review will have a few spoilers. So stop reading if you want to be surprised.
   As I was saying, not "run-of-the-mill". Memento is shown in segments, beginning at the end of the film. The story follows a few days in the life of Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce). Lenny has a "condition" that doesn't allow him to create any new memories. This was the result of an attack in his home that left him bleeding on the floor and his wife (Jorja Fox) raped and killed. Vowing to avenge her death, Lenny sets off with his Polaroid. Being unable to create new memories, Lenny uses his camera, extensive notes and tattoos to remember and to pursue his wife's killer. This is a complex mystery made even more confusing with the backward chronology.    Good ol' Lenny does happen into a couple of interesting characters. Teddy (Joe(y) 'Pants' Pantoliano) seems to be helping Lenny find the killer; but is he really helping? Or is he the killer? Then we have Natalie (Carrie-Anne 'Trinity' Moss). Another helper or is she conspiring with Teddy? What the hell is going on ?!?!

DVD features

Other than the Spanish subtitles and the Close Captioning there aren't any.


Memento is one messed up movie. The backward chronology is what really makes this movie. It keeps you confused, yet intrigued. What I liked best about the film was the way everyone was screwing with him. Natalie does the best job of this (I won't let that out of the bag). The motel where he stays is charging him for two rooms because he has no idea. Teddy is always doing something. When its all said and done and we know everything, the movie, rightfully, ends. Almost prompting us to try and watch it "backwards>" to see what really happened.

Final Thoughts

This is a fine mystery/thriller/crime film. Its pulls you in and doesn't let you go until the credits are rolling. I reccommend this film to all of the know-it-all movie watchers. Those who think they know everything that will happen after the opening credits finish. This movie would be worth the $7.50 to see at the theatre, so as a rental it's a must.

8 out of 10 Jackasses
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