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Well I finally got around to watching this movie, on a cold winter Saturday night myself and my girlfriend had a nice dinner and some wine and settled in with Love, Ludlow. I have to be in the mood to watch something I would normally see on the IFC channel. I often get really tired of seeing the politically motivated movies (although there are exceptions) from these types of channels. But then, these days all of Hollywood is that way. I get it, "all of America sucks and there's nothing good about the country…" got it. Thanks Hollywood and half the country and foreign people for constantly mentioning it…. Sorry about that, the point is I'm hesitant to enjoy movies anymore due to someone's message about things I disagree with.

Well Love, Ludlow is a pretty straightforward movie. This was a movie about a young woman, Myra (Alicia Goranson), toughened by the situation she was left in by her parents, alone in a world with her dependant brother, Ludlow (Brendan Sexton III). Actually all is well until Myra hesitantly agrees do go out with Reggie (David Eigenberg). I assume she is hesitant to date anybody due to Ludlow's possessive nature toward her.

The characters were pretty good although seriously annoying to me. This may have something to do with the fact they were New Yorker's… (yes I think New Yorkers are annoying). Myra is the hardened girl from Queens (I think) working as a temp at the office where she meets Reggie played by David Eigenberg, probably best know from the HBO 'Sex in the City' series, was the very smiley and super patient pursuer of Myra. All I could think of during their first date was 'Jesus this guys life will be hell if they end up together', and that didn't even include the completely selfish little shit Ludlow at that point. I had a hard time thinking Ludlow was mentally challenged so my empathy for him just wasn't there. It had a few pretty funny moments but often times fell short. The music was very fitting to the story it captured the goofiness of the characters and the mood of the situation very well.

If you like the slice of life type movies then you may want to rent this one, its not something I would go out of my way to see but I would probably be more likely to watch it on cable.

6 out of 10 Jackasses
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