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The worst thing about having to write this review is that dammit, it was a comped movie. A free movie. And dammit, I never GET those dammit, and here I get one and it sucks. God does it suck. I mean, in all honesty, I am ashamed that Elite picked this up for distribution. They are a great, quality company, but man, in their desire to stay hip and keep up with this weird need to import every Asian horror movie in case it’s good, they have watered down the market with crap. And this, is crap. Sorry Elite, but you dropped the ball

No more free movies for me.

Marrionnier is the story of a mad inventor obsessed with young women he can never possess. In an attempt to have these women the man begins stalking and capturing them in the hopes of transferring their essences into homemade dolls he has been having made for him. These dolls, made by yet another madman who had killed his wife earlier, are hand carved things made specifically to contain and convey the souls of the women the marrionnier captures. There is one woman that the marrionnier wants more than any other though and he can never seem to have her, and when he does, he finds he cannot control her and that she has a deeper secret than even he can guess.

A mish-mash plot that makes no sense but tries hard to get deep at the end, my friend and I were dumbstruck as we watched this, astounded that this could be made, let alone picked up for international distribution. Every new scene has another inappropriate music cue. There is wrongheaded humor everywhere, getting so bad that you can’t tell if this was meant to be, as my friend said – like Dead Alive – or like a standard Asian horror film. The surreal imagery is interesting, sure, but badly shot and ill conceived, just as the gore is. There is a way to shoot gore in a film without a budget, a way to make sure that the less you have looks scarier, but sadly, that was forgone in the hopes of grossing out the fans. Umm, no. There is sincerely, little I can find to say good about this film. I am sure some people will get off on the bizarre nature of it, so I will grant it that, but weirdness for that sake alone is pretty boring after a time.

I appreciate small, low budget films. Believe me I do. But I won’t apologize for lazy filmmaking and bad films. The filmmakers had an interesting idea but didn’t know how to shoot it so they threw in every cliché and gimmick they could think of, even going so far as to make things surreal. This is just an awful film, and there is no way around it.

The disc, from Elite comes out June 7th, and is available for $19.98. The disc has deleted scenes, behind the scenes and behind the dolls footage, trailers, and a doll gallery.

I appreciate the free film, but wish Elite had been a bit more selective on picking this title up. Some will appreciate its bizarre nature. Some will love the surreal imagery. Me, this I was bored in the first ten minutes and that boredom gave way to confusion and anger as what little plot there was tumbled away. For me, this was next to worthless.


1 out of 10 Jackasses
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