Stuart Little 2 review by The Grim Ringler

Stuart Little

Yeah, I saw Stuart Little 2you wanna make something of it?

What an adorable movie. A short movie, but an adorable one. This is the sequel to the smash-hit family film from a couple years back that was based on the E.B. White classic and tells the tale of Stuart, an orphaned mouse that desperately wants a family to love and that will love him back. Luckily for him the Little family adopt him and after some awkwardness accept him into the family. Curtain down, lights up, good night.

Well, this is the sequel to that little gem and its just as adorable as the first. In this one Stuart and his family are really and truly a family, and Stuart couldnt be happier. But in being a family Stuart is finding his mother has become a bit over-bearing and is suddenly afraid of everything in the world bigger than the pint-sized Stuart. Which does nothing to help poor Stuart as he tries to fit in with both the family and the world around him. And sadly he is finding himself more and more isolated as his brother George goes off with his own friends and Stuart is left alone.

Enter Margalo, a cute little bird that is rescued by Stuart right before a Falcon in pursuit of her can gobble her up. Margalo has an injured wing though that needs mending so the Littles take her in until she can mend. And suddenly Stuart has a new friend. But Margalo is hiding a secret from Stuart. She wasnt being pursued by the Falcon, she was baiting Stuart. Margalo works for the Falcon and has been sent to Stuart and his family to see what jewels they might have she can snatch for her greedy boss. But the friendship she has forged with Stuart is real, to the Falcons chagrin, and it becomes a matter of the loot or the mouse she either has to get him what he wants or Stuart becomes a snack. So she steals Mrs. Littles wedding ring and disappears into the night, making Stuart think the Falcon has kidnapped her and so he sets off to save her.

Enter the action portion of the film.

As far as family movies go, this is pretty adorable. Its basically a variation on Oliver Twist, and isnt bad as one. But the magic happens with the acting and interaction between the characters. Even though Stuart is a digitally created mouse, you really feel like he is loved by those around him and that he loves them back. You believe this is a family. And director Minkoff does very well at not letting the many digital effects become the centerpiece and makes sure to have the family and the characters be what you are watching this for. And I have to say, he does a helluva job. For a CGI movie, you dont feel like it is, you are just along for the ride.

I really like this movie. It isnt going to change the world, it isnt going to feed the hungry to the poor and make monkeys get your mail for you, but what it does is entertain you for eighty some minutes, and that aint half bad. Take it as it is, a fun summer movie for families, and you will love it. And hell, as many bad movies come out during the year, thats a wonderful thing.

8 out of 10 Jackasses

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