Ladies Man review by Jackass Tom


Ladies Man plays out the old tried and over done Saturday Night Live film system. Introduce a character that has been used on SNL over and over. Stretch out his normal skit into 90-minute film. Add in a hot love interest that 1) can’t act and 2) is unrealistically attracted to this lump of garbage. There is usually some sort of overly dramatic sentimental moment between the two. Fill it with laughs that you can’t put in the normal nighttime television (usually involving sex or adult language). Add useless filler that normally has little to do with the movie or the character, but puts the film at around an hour and a half. Chuck it full of other SNL ‘actors’ to fill even more space.

Yup, that’s the Ladies Man. The character is Leon Phelps, played by Tim Meadows. He plays a radio love advice man, who is more dirty than helpful. He is a 70s playboy who gets it on with any skank (BTW Microsoft Word did not recognize ‘skank’ in its dictionary; if you haven't done so already, I would suggest adding it). Where was I? The skit is funny occasionally on Saturday Night Live, and it has a few laughs in the film. The love interest is Julie Simmons (Karyn Parsons), who is Leon’s DJ. She fights her feelings for the free spirited Leon until she can barely stand it. Go figure.

Will Ferrall from SNL is funny at times as well. He plays a man who leads an organization to get revenge on Leon. Why? Because he put it to all their wives. Julianne Moore has a strange cameo (yes, Oscar nominee Julianne Moore). She plays a kinky clown woman who was one of Leon’s former conquests. And what movie about a swinging love man would be without Billy Dee Williams. He doesn’t mention how smooth Colt 45 is (Yeeeaaah, I can dig that…that…that…), but he is pretty cool.

Most of the jokes are pretty immature though. Like tricking a man to eat shit from a jar. It’s a pretty cheap attempt for a laugh. This movie lags a bit hear and there, as we have all seen it before on a different screen with a different character. Nothing too original, but like I said, it has its moments and a few funny one liners (‘I will probably begin with the very classy line like “Say sweet thang, can I buy you a fish sandwich.” And then I will commence with some sweet words in her ear, like “Man, I would like to take a bite outta yo butt.” And then I will close the deal, by giving her a preview of … the goods’ [opens pants] ). So its stupid humor. If that’s your thing go for it. If not, I wouldn’t recommend it.

4 out of 10 Jackasses
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