The Matrix Reloaded review by The Grim Ringler

The answer you want to know more than anything else is –YES! Yes the movie lives up to the hype, and yes the movie may even exceed it. I never would have thought it possible, but it does.

Matrix Reloaded finds Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity returning to Zion, the last human city, where Neo has suddenly become, to many, a messiah. But the war against the Matrix has taken a dark turn as word gets to Zion that the machines are tunneling their way to the city and to the destruction of all. Morpheus, seen by many in Zion as a fool and madman for his beliefs in the One, butts heads with the commander of the city as each sees what must be done differently, and each is vying not just for the will of the people, but also for the heart of Niobe (Jada Pinkett-Smith), a strong warrior and captain. Word comes to Neo that the Oracle, the all-knowing and seeing woman who set Neo on the path to his Becoming, wants to see him, and it is through her that Neo learns that the Matrix is not all powerful, nor are all the programs that the Matrix has created loyal to it. What Neo also learns is that his nemesis in the Matrix, Agent Smith, has not been killed as he had thought, but indeed has changed into something Neo cannot quite understand yet. Neo is given a clue by the Oracle though, a way to defeat the Matrix, to breach the mainframe and bring and end to the war, but it will cost something he is not willing to pay. But when confronted with the truth of what he is, what the Matrix is, and that the prophesy may not be as true as all had believed, Neo must find a new hope, a new path, and a new way before it is too late for everyone.

It’s hard to do the movie justice in a review ‘cause I don’t want to ruin any plot points. I was pleasantly surprised to find I knew quite little of what was going to happen, and I was very happy about that. So believe me, there is a lot more to the movie and plot than I had said. But man, this is a wonderful, wonderful film. The action scenes easily top those of the first, and truly do twist your head up time and again. I really don’t think I will take all of it in until I am able to see the film a second time and am able to process everything. The story expands on the mythology of the Matrix and we are finally able to see Zion and its people are finally feel a more human connection to things. This is showcased wonderfully in the love story between Neo and Trinity, who we get to see as not just superheroes, but as lovers, which adds a much needed dimension to the film. The special effects are astounding, especially the car-chase sequence which is perhaps one of the most ambitious and jaw-dropping series of scenes in filmdom.

The film is not perfect though, and that is on full display with the CGI during some of the fight scenes. Some of the fights, while beautiful to see, were realized with a LOT of help from CGI doubles, and while the CGI is good, you can tell what it is, and it takes you out of the brilliance of the scene. But I suppose if that’s the best gripe I can come up with, we’re doing pretty well.

This is the kind of movie you pray will come together. It is as good as the first film, and even builds on the themes and ideas that the first film put forth. This is a very smart, very intricate trilogy, and I personally cannot wait to see what is in store. Oh, by the by, stay past the credits for a trailer for the last film in the series, Revolutions. It’s hard to ask for more from a movie that what you have here. It’s smart, well acted, has a compelling story, is beautifully shot, and the special effects, which have become part of the films, and not just a patch to cover plot-holes, are nothing short of breath-taking. Geeks like me count the weeks and days and hours until the release of movies like this. I am happy to say that Matrix Reloaded lives up to the hype and has made my friend and myself two very happy dorks.

9 out of 10 Jackasses

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