Dark City review by John

Dark City stars Rufus Sewell as, John Murdock, a man who cant seem to remember who he is. This case of amnesia was brought on, in a round about sort of way, by the very people who are studying the memories of mr. murdock and his fellow inhabitants.

The visitors are a group of beings who seek to discover the mysteries of the human soul. To do this they have commendeered the services of dr. schreiber(keifer sutherland) who implants different memories into the people of dark city so that they can be studied. To round out the methods of the visitors is their ability to "tune". They use tunning in order to stop time in dark city and there by allowing themselves and the doctor to roam freely and implant their subjects with fabricated memories. Memories being the segue to the actual plot of the movie.

John Murdock miraculously wakens during the implantation. However he does so with a new found ability, and a newtonian questioning of reality. It turns out that Murdock now also has the ability to tune. Essentially Murdock dodges the police, who are after him for crimes he didnt commit, while he tries to figure out for himself who he "really" is and who the visitors are and why they are after him. Ruining the ending for everyone, murdock finds out about himself, and with the help of the benedict arnold-esque dr. is able to defeat the visitors at their own game, and there by freeing himself and the other captives of Dark City at least from the vistors.

My thoughts on the movie. . . a damn good one. Consistent through out, this movies doesnt play the lovable dufus card like a ben stiller movie, nor does it play the high brow and often times overly drawn out clint eastwood card. This is a watchable movie that doesnt have to be all things to all people like other some other movies which were crap but reviewed very highly on this site(Tennenbaums)

7 out of 10 Jackasses
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