An Everlasting Piece review by The Grim Ringler

An Everlasting Piece

Ya gotta love the Irish, only they could make a comedy and include a sub-plot about the British, the IRA, and true friendship.

Ok, it’s Barry Levinson, not technically Irish, but it does have Billy Connelly so that makes up for that. Two barbers working at a psychiatric hospital learn that one of the patients in the hospital used to have a business selling toupees and became rich that way, and lucky for our lads, still has a list of his contacts. The boys manage to get the list from the man (good old Billy) and start up their own toupee business. Things get complicated though when some competition springs up and Colm and George are forced to compete with their rivals to win the toupee contract for the region from the wig-makers. As they are trying desperately to sell their toupees they end up selling an IRA member one of their products, which is then found near the scene of a terrorist crime perpetrated by members of the IRA and suddenly the IRA and the police are wanting to talk to Colm and George. All while the clock is ticking against them and their chance at winning the regional contract for their business.

The fact that they are able to bring up the British occupation of Ireland and the war between the Protestants and the Catholics and yet not let it get in the way of the movie is a testament to how darn good this movie is. Being an Irish comedy, it’s got your usual oddball characters, funny dialogue, and a general feeling of glee every time things go awry. Everyone in it does well but the script and Levinson does a nice, subtle job of direction. There isn’t a lot new in the movie, to be sure, but it’s definitely a fun movie.

Three cheers for the Irish and their comedies, even if they are filtered through Barry Levinson. Give him a nice, simple movie to do, old Barry nails it, get him some aliens and, well, let’s not think about that. Fun, fun movie.


7 out of 10 Jackasses

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