The Score review by Da Bonghit

Plot Summary

Nick (Robert De Niro) is a career criminal, but he's starting to think about a family and getting out of the business. He has all but hung up his lockpick when asked to do a big job for his old friend Max (Marlon Brando). Max has an inside man, Jack (Edward Norton). No problem, easy hit. The Score ... a priceless french artifact in the Montreal Customs House that will soon be on its way back to France, so time is a factor. Teaming up, Jack and Nick just might make it, but can they trust each other. Someone's gonna come up empty for their efforts, but who?


This flick has some good action without the hassle of trying to rope in some kind of love story. Sure, Nick is looking to quit to be with his woman (Angela Bassett), but they only show her enough to tell the viewer the reason for him quitting. De Niro played his usual role; tough guy, smarter than everyone, don't mess with him. You know the type. Of course, it works. Norton's character was more fun, probably because it was twofold. One side as the brains of the operation - knows the system, the electronics, a bit hardnosed. The other as the Down's Syndrome, inside guy working at the Custom's House. It played well.
Now, there weren't any big car chases or explosions. As a matter of fact, I don't think that any type of weapon was even fired (Jack does send 1 warning shot, but I don't count this). This is more 'stealth' with smoke and mirrors; With gadgets and a 'rope' scene reminiscent of Mission Impossible. One high point was how Nick broke into the 'state-of-the-art' safe with an explosive & water combo. Sweet. It all comes down to who will outsmart who.

Final Thoughts

Most crime flicks are good vs. bad. Not this one. At no point do you want them to get caught. There aren't any cops who picked up on some Scooby Doo clue and are trying to stop them. It's one bad guy trying to trick another. In my mind a solid film, definitely worth a rent.
I almost forgot to mention the typical hacker, immersed in his own computer world. A great secondary role.

7 out of 10 Jackasses
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