Bobs Burgers: Season 1 review by Captain Video

What is the perfect burger? A simple question indeed, but also the kind of question that can spark a flame war of epic proportions. Let's look at the variables.

Me, I say all is good just as long as you have the basics. Juicy meat (the content), bookended by a bun (style) that doesn't get in the way. Toppings help make a burger too, some mustard (the spice) and onions are nice, anything else is a bonus.

Bob's Burgers Season 1 contains a couple of my favorite things. First, it is an animated show, and I love my animated Television. Secondly it is about a guy who runs a hamburger restaurant. And I love hamburgers. I fact, I'll glady pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Oh wait, wrong animated show.

So if Bob's Burger's is infact a burger it itself, then what is the "meat" (genre)? OK, the story isn't really about the burger restaurant, it is infact, another version of the dysfunctional family show, in the same vein as Married with Children, or All in the Family, The Simpson's, or the Cosby's, or whatever version of the dysfunctional family show that you like.

What is the "spice" that separates this from yet another dysfunctional family show? This modern iteration emphasizes "quirky" and "edgy" and often just plain "odd". Instead of the usual setup -> punchline routine, this show prefers to use one liners and bringing stuff in from left field. The voices used for Bob's Burger's are spot on, each character is funy and quirky in their own way.

The season one collection of Bob's Burgers does include some extras. It has commentary tracks for all episodes, and a version of the demo/pilot that was used to pitch the show. But not much more than that. The pilot does contain some interesting tidbits about how the show evolved from it's initial design to the current character set. As always, I do wish there were more extras.

So what kind of burger would Bob's Burger be? Well, it certainly wouldn't be a plain old cheeseburger. No, it would be something like one of those more exotic burgers either with guacamole or an egg or more likely, a pineapple ring and a slice of ham.

7 out of 10 Jackasses
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