Mister Rogers & Me review by Captain Video

Mr Rogers and Me is a documentary created by a filmmaker who was literally Mister Roger's Neighbor. When I said literally, I meant literally in the correct sense of the word. He actually lived next door to Fred Rogers (yes Fred Rogers, that Mister Rogers). Since this is a dvd about a happy genial guy, I will avoid a rant about the misuse of the word literally. I will postpone my rant for another day, for now, happy thoughts prevail. Our lucky filmmaker was staying at cottage right next to the PBS television host Mr. Rodgers, and of course he was a very nice neighbor. (Unlike my neighbor who has a dog that just won't STFU)

This documentary was driven by a conversation that Benjamin Wagner had with Fred Rodgers. Mr. Rodgers said "I feel so strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex." and that was the seed that eventually became Mister Rodgers & Me - A Deep & Simple Documentary Film.

The film is indeed "deep & simple". At one level we learn the narrative behind the documentary, as well as the story of Mr Rogers and the people that Mr Rogers inspired, at another level we are presented with simple concepts that are well worth pondering. At the basic level we learn that Mr. Rodgers was in fact just like his television persona. He is kind, caring, soft-spoken and he likes you just the way you are. At the other level, we are presented with questions about our consumerist society and the bombardment of children to advertising and 24 hour a day television/psp/cell phone screens. What would happen to any of us if we were to just have 1 minute of real silence? Maybe I can google that...

This documentary might not be for everybody. If you like your entertainment heavy on explosions and action scenes, this probably isn't for you, or perhaps it is the perfect anti-dote to our usual over the top mega violence. All kidding aside, I was surprised that a documentary about Mister Rogers was able to keep me engaged the entire time and was worth watching more than once. If you were ever a fan of Mr. Rogers, or if you want to see a documentary that celebrates a "nice guy" give Mister Rogers & Me" a try.

Remember, we here at Jackass Critics, we like you just the way you are! Now won't you be my neighbor? Seriously, as long as you don't have a dog that is yipping away all day long I could use a new neighbor.

7 out of 10 Jackasses
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