My Bloody Valentine 3-D review by The Grim Ringler


Ok, first things first – see this movie. Now. Right away. RUN! Seriously, if you are at all interested in horror films, or just want to see a damn good 3D movie then this is it kids, this is the one. I mean, yeah, I will write my review and all but, really, if you have any interest in these movies then this is sincerely the movie you need to see. I have never seen a movie that busted all three d's in my face at once. The WHOLE movie. Yeah, I have never see a movie before that used the 3D form so well and so fully. So even if you didn't really give a crap about miners or Valentine's and such, kids, I am telling you what – THIS – IS – IT!

Open on a small mining town where the mines are the lifeline. A foolish mistake by the owner of the mines son leads to a cave in, trapping several of the miners far down below. While trapped, one of the miners goes mad and kills the others. The miner, Harry Warden, is hunted down and captured once the mine is reopened but he is found in a coma and believed near death, but how wrong they are. Warden wakes from his coma full of rage and revenge towards the person responsible for the cave in. When he is finished, Warden has wiped out over twenty people in the small town and has taken out a portion of the town's young people. When it is over though, Warden seems to have disappeared back into the heart of the mines, wounded by the police and not soon forgotten. Flash ahead ten years and the person responsible for the cave in is back in town to sell his father's mine and move on with his life and the people of that town are none to happy at the prospect of losing their livelihood. And as if time had never passed, the murders begin anew and it appears that Harry Warden may be back to finish what he began.

If you have seen the original film that this remake is based on then this will be a pretty familiar plot but there are deviations that make it a worthwhile remake. And honestly, I don't have a big issue with remaking movies like this that were pretty much just popcorn fare in the first place. Sure, I would prefer to see new material being released but, heck, it is what it is and in this case the movie is good.

Holy crap is the 3D good. The film pops and takes on a surreal look and feel throughout and really pulls you into the movie. The gore scenes are amazing. The villain is iconic. And the story, while certainly not amazing, is serviceable enough for a movie like this. This was the sort of movie people remember fondly from the '80s. And props to the director for two things - The nude scene in the film, which was all but necessity in some people's minds, is so crazy, and so over the top that it stands out and transcends the thrill factor.

There are some amazing shots in this film that really popped out at me. Most horror films settle for medium shots or close ups to force the sense of tension but here director Lussier took the setting and enhanced that. There is a scene where the lead actress is running out of the woods, pursued and instead of doing a close up on the actress he pulls back and uses what seemed like a crane to show how dangerous the situation was, which was really effective.

In the end, this is a simply slasher film that offers highly integrated and well done 3D. For now, this is the best 3D has to offer. The bar is raised. It will be bested, for certain, but it has been a long time since a film done in 3D had as much impact and energy as this and where that wasn't a simple gag. I really enjoyed the film and think a lot of the horror fans will as well. If you are going to see it though, see it in a theater. For sure.

8 out of 10 Jackasses
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