Code Monkeys: Season 1 review by Tantus

For a number of years now cartoons have suffered an influx of poor quality art. This of course was, if not started then definitely encouraged by a college duo that created a cartoon where Jesus and Santa fight. Using, seemingly, paper cut-outs they inspired a generation of half-assed art cartoons to be created that include everything from shakily drawn cartoons and paper cut-outs to a style of art most resembling the 8-bit graphics of (some of) our childhood. This cartoon series is the later.

Code monkeys is a cartoon based around a video game company and the employees. Mostly the stories revolve around Dave, a mostly cliché idiot, drug using “genius” programmer and his sidekick Jerry the normal guy with a heart of gold. The basic idea of each episode is that Dave gets the group into trouble, and they spend the rest of the episode trying to get themselves out of trouble. Despite the fact that this seems overly formulaic, it doesn’t come off as a re-hashed rerun of any number of other shows, mostly because of the completely bizarre antics of Dave and the constant stream of video game references that are constantly displayed in one form or another. The show is setup like a video game screen with a health bar at the top left and a score at the top right, and many jokes are added up there that will be easily missed by someone not paying full attention. (Or someone that was laughing so hard that they missed the past 5 minutes of everything.) A lot of jokes are based off of video games, so non-gamers, or younger gamers that missed anything released in the 80’s, may not get a lot of the jokes, but there is plenty to keep them entertained.

Code Monkeys is a stupid kind of cartoon, if you’re looking for a good story or feel like you’re a part of something, you’re watching the wrong show. If you want to have fun at some insane and moronic antics, you could do much worse.

8 out of 10 Jackasses
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