Pineapple Express review by The Grim Ringler


Readers of this review must keep something firmly, firmly in mind and that is that I really have no frame of reference or great interest in the comedy sub-genre of pot movies. Yes, I understand that these films are time honored and beloved by many film goers and know lots of people who really dig the heck out of them. Ok, I get it. I just wanted to make clear that, for me, this film wasnt nearly as funny as it may be for some people who are just down with pot jokes. I just wanted to make that clear. I had seen the previews for the movie, and it looked pretty funny and when I came upon free passes for a sneak, well, even I cant turn down cheap as free.

Dale Denton is a full fledged schlub. Dale is a twenty five year old man coasting through life as a process server and whose greatest stress is an impending dinner with his teenage girlfriend. Most of his days are spent serving court papers, getting stoned, and dreaming about the day he can become a daytime talk radio DJ. All of this changes though when Dale witnesses a murder outside of the home of someone he was to serve with papers. High as a kite, Dales getaway after seeing the murder is none too inconspicuous and in no time the murderer (a flighty drug lord) is on his trail. The thing that leads the drug lord to him is a joint that he drops that is made of the exclusive Pineapple Express, which one distributor and one dealer in the city hold. Dale teams up with his dealer, a lovably baked guy that just wants to be cool with everyone, and the two of them do everything they can (which is admittedly limited) to stay alive while hit-men are after them. As things get more and more dangerous (and ridiculous), the two have to come to terms with who they are (to themselves and to one another), and find the guts to save themselves and those they love in the face of impending doom.

As a pot movie, man, people who love those will love the crap out of it, which is not a knock, but an explanation. For me, the movie came to life about half way through, when things are really getting out of hand and the violence in the film ramps up. The handling of the violence is great in that its very realistic (there are heroics but most of the actions are awkward and fumbling) but so over the top that it keeps the film comedic. Franco and Rogen have an amazing chemistry and, while not all of the gags work, when they are together the film really jells. The script is hit and miss with the funniest lines being throwaways that youd swear were improvs. The magic of the movie is how fast it all moves, and how fun the slapstick is. Yes, the film is ridiculous, and the pot humor gets really old after a while but the chemistry between the leads and the fantastic fights and physical gags really hold the film together and make it stand out.

It may never go down as a new classic but its a pretty fun summer comedy and will give people with wizard bongs something to watch at three in the morning. Fun but more of a rent than a must see.


7 out of 10 Jackasses
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