Stump the Band review by The Grim Ringler


I admire the heck out of anyone who can harness their passion and time and create a film, as I have said before but, damn, I mean, sometimes, well, sometimes Id sell my pants to see a movie with half of an original thought. Half!
Alas, STUMP is not that movie.

STUMP THE BAND is the story of an all girl band working the road and trying hard to get a record label to take interest in them. Things start to look up for the band after a bar gig and it seems as if they are on the verge of finding a label and really making a move towards breaking through. Things go awry for the band when their tour van takes a shortcut and ends up out of gas in the woods. To make matters worse the girls have been targeted by some backwoods madmen who hunt women and brutally murder them. The only hope the bandmates have is that they can stop the killers before its too late.

I see a lot of movies. Seriously, a lot of movies. Its rare for me to see one as poorly made, amateurly acted, and horribly written and directed as this. And believe me, I take no pleasure in taking shots at indie filmmakers but I have no love for lazy filmmakers. This is yet another in a very long line of absolutely dreadful horror films and each one of these things sets the genre back another step. There is no character development outside of some very broad stereotypes and the usual hillybilly killers, the special effects would have been better achieved with catsup packets and chocolate syrup, and the story is nonexistent. Oh, sure, you get needless nudity, and as much foot fetish as you can handle, oh, and there are plenty of corny jokes that are so much filler, but a good movie you will not find. What really bothers me too is that this is such a lazy, lazy film and yet still got picked up and distributed. I only lost eighty-eight minutes but the cast and crew for this had to invest time and money and those are far more valuable than my time.

I cant stress how awful this film is. Watchable? Sure, but so are a lot of things out there and if I am so bored I am willing to watch anything thats in front of me than I will always have the home shopping networks. Good luck to everyone involved in STUMP but this one is an utter bomb.


3 out of 10 Jackasses
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