What's So Fun About...No Fun Films? review by The Grim Ringler

Whats So Fun About No Fun Films?

Having spent some time in my youth making short films with friends, I can attest to how hard it is to find the time and resources to really make movies and finish them. Sure, when you tell people you are making a movie everyone around wants to be in it or work on it but as soon as they find out that itll take more than a couple hours to do it they usually realize they have far more pressing things to do. It should go without saying that I have a great respect for short and indie films because of my past, and thats why I love getting the releases from NO FUN FILMS, an independent company based in Michigan that makes films for the sheer love of making them.

What WHATS SO FUN ABOUT is is a primer for the films that NO FUN FILMS are making. This is a sampling of where they have been and where they are heading, and its a great tool to introduce people to who they are. There are nine short films on the disc and, for ten dollars; you truly get your moneys worth. While not all of the films are good, they are all passionate works that I can appreciate. The standout for me, as it was when I first saw it, is THE IMPATIENT EXORCIST, which is a fun short about an exorcist that has far too many ants in the pants and needs to just take a moment to chill out so he can get back in touch with what he needs to do. The short animated films FRANK AND JERRYs are fun but lack the polish that could make them really stand out. There are some fantastic moments of depth and warmth here but the pacing and direction dont always bring those moments out. With the good, there are some issues with the shorts as well, but instead of picking on anything in particular, I offer that this is what it is, a look at where this group has been, and a light into what they want to do, which appears to be pretty ambitious.

If you love short films, then, as I said, there is a lot to like and a lot to enjoy here. These films wont be for everyone but it takes a lot of passion to keep making films for the sheer love of it alone and thats enough to recommend this collection.


5 out of 10 Jackasses

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