Get Smart Seasons 2 and 3 review by Matt Fuerst


Seasons 2 and 3 were some of Get Smart at its best. Even though the main gags are still incorporated, the treatment of them gets funnier and more original. The storylines of each episode are more interesting and more creative than in Season 1 while Max gets sillier and more ridiculous. The hilarious KAOS agent, Siegfried, is introduced, which makes the show even more amusing. Siegfried is a prototypical but eccentric caricature of the German military type we imagine from World War II. Siegfried is a sort of Max Smart of KAOS and it’s entertaining to see who, Max or Siegfried, will end up looking more stupid. While Season 1 started weaker and picked up, Seasons 2 and 3 start strong and stay that way throughout.

Notable Season 2 episodes include:

Strike While the Agent is Hot: Max becomes the leader of the Spy’s Guild Labor negotiations, very funny episode. Apparently, even spies can go on strike. Max leads a union meeting where the agents are hidden, per their custom, in some unusual places.

A Spy for a Spy: KAOS and Control kidnap each other’s agents until there is none left. Siegfried is introduced in this episode. In the end, both sides meet to swap all the agents, but Siegfried get the last laugh when he kidnaps the CONTROL bus driver.

Hoo Done It: Harry Hoo, the Charlie Chan look-alike, and Max work together to find who murdered Colonel Forsythe. The case leads them to a resort on a tropical island. In the meanwhile, all the guests are getting killed off until it seems that just Max and Harry are left.

A Man Called Smart Parts 1, 2, 3: A water evaporation formula is stolen by KAOS and CONTROL is tasked with recovering it. The Admiral, CONTROL’s first chief, is called in to take over. Max, the Chief, and 99 are sent to talk to an informant who tells them the clue “ TBO”. The Chief is shot but Max and 99 continue on and figure out what “TBO” means. This leads them to Hollywood but when they realize they were wrong about the clue, they must find the real “TBO”. This three-part sequence was originally written as a movie but was instead broken down into three episodes.

Notable Season 3 episodes include:

The Spirit is Willing: A woman has information to give Max about a top KAOS agent but this informant is actually dead. In order to get the evidence he needs to implicate the KAOS agent, Max must attend a séance. Another hilarious episode.

Maxwell Smart, Private Spy: Control has to start making cutbacks so Max takes a second job as a private eye. He soon begins to act like a Humphrey Bogart type character and the episode becomes a Maltese Falcon takeoff. Max gets hired by a couple of men named Sidney and Peter, obviously two characters taken from the Maltese Falcon, Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. Max’s impression of Bogart is classic and shouldn’t be missed.

The Wax Max: Max and 99 take a day off and spend it at the amusement park. They stumble across a KAOS drop and Max unwittingly intercepts the package.

Spy, Spy, Birdie: Albert Pfitzer is the villain in this episode attempting to silence the world. CONTROL and KAOS must team up to stop him. Pfitzer develops Nitrowhisperin, a quiet explosive, and uses it to blow up CONTROL and KAOS property. This is rare episode where KAOS is not the villain.

The Hot Line: A KAOS agent impersonates the President and informs the Chief he is being replaced by Max. Max takes over CONTROL and begins to institute reforms. This is part of a plan by KAOS to destroy CONTROL.

Die, Spy: This is a spoof of the popular 1960s series, "I Spy" starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. Robert Culp appears in this episode, in a cameo role.

The Mild Ones: Max and 99 go undercover as bikers in a motorcycle gang called the Purple Knights. Max thinks they have kidnapped the Prime Minister of another country and tries to rescue him. Max gets baled out by “Dollbaby” in the end when the gang tries to draw and quarter Max.

Viva Smart: Max and 99 travel to San Saluda to rescue the President from the General. While they are there, they impersonate flamenco dancers and do a ridiculous dance that exposes them as frauds. They get them thrown into jail, and sentenced to execution. They escape and attempt to bribe the firing squad into firing blanks so they are thought dead. This plan fails, but in the end they trick the squad into shooting the General.

7 out of 10 Jackasses
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