2LDK review by The Grim Ringler

If youre like me and you see oceans of movies every year there are those films that you come across that are nothing more than they appear to be. There is no depth, no deeper truth, nothing really save for the film itself. Most of the time you just shake your head in frustration and wonder why the hell the filmmakers bothered, but sometimes, some rare times, you come across a movie that is what it is, and in the end, that aint so bad. A lot of people call and consider these guilty pleasures, but why? As I have said before, not every movie has to change the world, hell, if it can entertain you then its already better than a lot of dreck out there. One such film is 2LDK, an Asian exploitation quickie that takes domestic violence to a whole other level.

The film begins what seems like half way into the movie, with two young actresses who are still getting used to the idea of living together. Neither of the women seems to think much of the other (we see this in rather clever inner dialogues that take up most of the script) but have no choice in that, in order to get a place as large and relatively luxurious as they have in Tokyo you need someone to share it with. Both women are up for the same part in a crime thriller about the wives of Yakuza gangsters and both come from vastly different backgrounds one is the local queen of the theater and the other is a minor beauty queen used to getting her way. By the time we come upon the two young women the stage has already been set for what is to come they dont like or understand one another and basic ground rules that had been established between the women are not standing up. One drinks the others drink, the other spills some expensive perfume, and it escalates from there. Its apparent that neither woman is terribly stable emotionally so no matter what had happened between the women, it seems as if a meltdown was inevitable. And wow what a meltdown. Half of this seventy minute film, and the big reason a lot of people will see this, is taken up by an epic fight between the two women that is as brutal and nasty as anything youre bound to see this year. From eggs to electrocution to fists to swords, anything and everything you might find in a small apartment is brought to bear and the results are as horrifying as they are fun to see. For as small as this film must be, man is their small war something to see. The end comes quickly and brutally for these women and naturally with a very dark and predictable coda.

Not at all a great film, this is however a very fun film to see. Its hard not to wince at the brutality on display here but its a credit to these two young actresses that they put their bodies and emotions on the line for this film. If their hatred of one another wasnt convincing this film would be just another knock off looking to make headlines with its over the top nature. But while the violent storyline will draw you in, its the characterization that will keep you riveted to the film and will have you choosing sides, whomever you pick. The biggest gripe I have here is that the film aims too low. Yes, the action is great, which I am sure was the point, but with some more background and story, this could have been a very good study of emotional collapse. We get glimpses of whom these women are, but not enough to really feel as if we truly know these people. The story would have been better served with a slower burn that lead to the final bloody confrontation. As it is, its a pretty wild ride and will gain an audience and a cult status merely for its over the top nature.

If you can find it this is a heck of a movie to catch, especially with a friend. Just make sure you keep it away from your roommate.


7 out of 10 Jackasses
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